Science and Environment Satellites

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Earth horizon from space

Science and Environment Satellites

Northrop Grumman is one of the industry's leading providers of science and environment satellites used to conduct astrophysics, Earth science/remote sensing, heliophysics, planetary exploration and technology demonstration missions. Our extensive and flight-proven line of small- and medium-class spacecraft platforms allows customers to select the right solution for their mission requirements and budget.

Chandra X-ray Observatory

Celebrating 25 Years of the Chandra X-ray Observatory

Over the past 25 years, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has made extraordinary discoveries about the universe. One of NASA's Great Observatories, Chandra was designed and built to observe X-rays alongside the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes and the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory.

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illustration of James Webb Space Telescope in space

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Northrop Grumman leads the industry team for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the largest, most complex and powerful space telescope ever built.

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TESS Satellite at Dulles Satellite Manufacturing facility

Flight-Proven Designs, High Reliability

Our robust spacecraft platforms employ heritage designs throughout, and our rigorous processes and comprehensive test regimes have enabled many of our science and environment satellites to far exceed their mission lifetimes. Spacecraft are provided either as individual spacecraft or as turnkey systems leveraging Northrop Grumman's launch, spacecraft and ground systems capabilities at competitive prices.

Current Programs

Satellite programs currently in development at Northrop Grumman's Dulles, Virginia, Gilbert, Arizona, and Azusa, California satellite facilities include:


rendering of planets in deep space

Supporting NASA’s Explorers Program

Northrop Grumman is a critical partner on programs that are helping humankind make discoveries about our universe through astrophysics, heliophysics and Earth science research. 
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Remote Sensing/Earth Observation
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Heliophysics Mission
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Astrophysics Missions