Directed Energy

High-energy laser solutions defending our nation at sea, on land, and in the air.

directed energy laser destroying target

Northrop Grumman develops high-energy laser solutions to defend our nation at sea, on land, and in the air.

Our technology is protecting U.S. forces from a range of threats, such as unmanned aerial systems, rockets, artillery and mortars, fast attack boats and missiles.

For the last 50 years, we’ve advanced laser technology to defend against current and future threats. Our innovations include:

  • Advanced targeting and tracking using machine learning
  • Modularized architectures
  • Scalable subsystems
  • Low size, weight, power and cost
  • Rugged components and materials
  • Miniaturized systems with high-power output
Directed Energy Data Sheet Short-Range Air Defense (SHORAD)
Laser Weapon System Demonstrator deployed on the U.S. Navy’s amphibious platform dock ship USS Portland

Northrop Grumman Laser Weapon System Completes Deployment on USS Portland

Seapower. Photo credit: U.S. MARINE CORPS / Lance Cpl. Patrick Katz

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Northrop Grumman High-energy Laser Solutions

directed energy laser shooting down drone

Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS)

Today’s military requires an integrated, layered approach to counter the threat of unmanned aerial systems. Northrop Grumman’s comprehensive directed energy defense solutions detect, track, target and destroy hostile targets before they can pose a threat.

Our C-UAS architecture starts with sensing and tracking and includes a full complement of directed energy and kinetic effectors, coordinated by the Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control system, which is operational today.

Military vehicle shooting down target with directed energy laser

Counter Rockets, Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM)

Defending forces against rockets, artillery and mortars requires highly accurate, high-power solutions engineered for mobility and hardened for all environments. Northrop Grumman’s directed energy solutions pack advanced beam control, precise targeting and tracking, and high output power in a small footprint that simplifies integration and reduces weight. Our technologies give our customers the agility, adaptability and extended range required for a wide range of missions.

Navy LPD ship shooting directed energy laser

Counter Missile

Systems designed to counter cruise, ballistic and hypersonic missiles need the right combination of mobility, accuracy, and flexibility. Northrop Grumman is developing high-energy laser systems with high power density, advanced beam control, and increased agility for targeting and tracking at extended ranges. Our technologies will be adaptable to a wide range of missions, protecting military bases, high value assets and critical infrastructure in all operational domains.

Turning Science Fiction into Reality

F-15 Eagle fighter jet shooting Directed Energy laser

Offensive and Defensive Aircraft Systems

Our directed energy solutions are engineered for maximum performance, even in the harsh environments of subsonic and supersonic flight. We offer a range of aircraft-mounted offensive and defensive solutions to ensure air dominance and protect pilots from current and emerging threats. Our advanced technologies provide maximum tracking performance and increased accuracy through enhanced beam control, high power and reliability.

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directed energy laser destroying target

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