LR-450 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)


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High Performance Space IMU

Introducing the LR-450 — the new standard for long-life and high-performance space missions, as an alternative to first-generation ring laser gyroscopes (RLG). Measuring just 341 cubic-inches, weighing under 10 pounds and requiring less than 15 watts of power, the LR-450 is well suited for mid-size satellite and deep space applications.

The LR-450 incorporates Northrop Grumman’s milli-HRG™ (mHRG™) Precision Space Gyroscope, which uses the same critical quartz components — high-Q resonator and inner electrode assembly — employed in Northrop Grumman’s proven hemispherical resonator gyroscope (HRG) technology. The HRG has achieved more than 70 million error-free hours in space missions.

A single LR-450 can take the place of two RLG IMUs, optimizing SWaP-C for a typical 15-year mission.

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LR-450 Description

The mHRG™, known for its unmatched reliability in commercial, government and civil space missions, is inherently stable, with no wear-out mechanism, and has high tolerance to radiation effects.

LR-450 configurations include:

  • Three mHRGs™. The inertial instruments are arranged as an orthonormal set
  • Single integrated interface to power supply, communications bus, digital processor and control electronics
  • Optional – a fourth gyro
  • Optional – a set of three accelerometers
space gyroscope inertial measurement unit

LR-450 Applications

The LR-450 is ideally suited for pointing, stabilization and platform attitude control applications, including:

  • Deep space missions
  • Planetary missions
  • Orbital missions, including GEO, MEO and LEO at all inclinations

LR-450 Advantages

The LR-450 provides customers with a robust and high-reliability system.

  • Supports 1553, RS-422 and Ethernet protocols for easy integration into new and existing platforms
  • Stable, low-noise gyros with no wear-out mechanism
  • Inherent radiation hardness of mHRG™, along with spacehardened and high-reliability components
  • Designed for 15-year lifetime
  • Components proven in the HRG, with more than 70 million error-free hours of operation in space

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