Bushmaster Users Conference 2021

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Welcome to the 2021 Bushmaster Users Conference
A conference outdoor with many people attending

The 2021 Bushmaster Users Conference will take place on October 5, at the world renowned Big Sandy Range just outside of Kingman, AZ.

This year’s show will highlight the latest innovations and capabilities with Northrop Grumman’s Bushmaster® Chain Guns®, advanced ammunition, and our C-UAS solutions.

Follow this page for behind-the-scenes access to the event leading up to the live fire demonstration on October 5.

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Robotic Warfare

Robotic warfare is the future of military tactics and technology. During this year’s show, Pratt Miller Defense’s EMAV family will engage a host of targets simultaneously at varying ranges, utilizing the M230LF to defeat smaller, closer targets on the EMAV-LW30. At the same time, the Bushmaster XM813 in the 40mm configuration will target armored payloads and troops in defilade using Super 40 Programmable Air Bursting Ammunition (PABM).

large gun mounted to bed of a pick-up truck

Bushmaster M230LF

The Bushmaster M230LF seen here on the EOS R400 Remote Weapon station will work in tandem with the Mobile Acquisition Cueing and Effector (M-ACE) vehicle to defeat drones. The M-ACE platform “cues” the exact target location to the gun truck, which is armed with Northrop Grumman proximity ammunition. When used together, our CUAS capabilities provide precise accuracy to identify, track and defeat moving unmanned systems.

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Mk38 Mod 4

The MSI team is shown here working on the Mk38 Mod 4 platform.

The MSI Mk38 Mod4 is the newest addition to the U.S. Navy arsenal, replacing the Mk38 Mod3, which was previously equipped with the Northrop Grumman M242 Bushmaster 25mm Chain Gun. The new Mk38 Mod4 utilizes a 30x173mm Mk44 Chain Gun, with the ability to fire Northrop Grumman advanced ammunition and create overmatch for Naval threats including countering fast attack craft (FAC) as well as UAS.

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The Pratt Miller Defense EMAV-MCA (Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle- Medium Caliber Armament) features the XM813 Bushmaster Chain Gun and will fire in both 30x173mm and 40x180mm configurations, creating a highly mobile overmatch capability in the medium caliber space.

military tank firing a round of amunition in the dessert

EMAV-MCA firing the Northrop Grumman NG1170W

The EMAV-MCA firing the Northrop Grumman NG1170W Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) 30x173mm round against a steel plate with the Bushmaster XM813.

two males working on an outdoor sensor


Our Air Defense team works on the Mobile Acquisition Cueing and Effector (M-ACE) vehicle, which is a multi-mission integrated system designed to counter unmanned air and ground threats. M-ACE uses an open, networked architecture to detect, track, identify, and defeat targets using kinetic and non-kinetic effectors. M-ACE’s command and control intuitively displays sensor inputs for a single operator to effectively manage complex engagements. The M-ACE sensor payload is platform agnostic and can be tailored to meet a variety of mission needs.

six rounds of medium caliber ammunition lined up on a case

XM1211 30x113mm High Explosive Proximity

Northrop Grumman is the global production leader of medium caliber ammunition and is now leading the way in advanced ammunition capability. The XM1211 30x113mm High Explosive Proximity (HEP) round can sense ground and air targets using an onboard proximity sensor. These advanced munitions provide enhanced lethal effects that greatly increase effective ranges against ground targets.

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This year’s Bushmaster Users Conference will feature the first public firing of 30x173mm High Explosive Proximity (HEP) rounds. During the show this round will be used to defeat unmanned aerial systems (UAS).  

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Advanced Weapons

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