High-performance Sonar Technology

SONAR for Micro-UUVs

Northrop Grumman has developed a platform agnostic advanced payload for UUVs, termed micro-SAS (µSAS™). µSAS collects and processes the SONAR data on board the vehicle in real-time, while also saving raw data for advanced post-processing. The open architecture, modular design enables scaling to applications ranging from man-portable uncrewed undersea vehicles (UUVs) to submarines and is considered to be the industry standard in mission-ready, high performing SAS.

Underwater Sonar Imaging Technology

The interferometric µSAS payload is capable of single-sided ranges to 800 feet with sub-inch 2-D image resolution while also providing bottom height information. When paired with automated target recognition (ATR) algorithms driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the wide-range and high-resolution sensors greatly reduce mission time and truly enable our warfighters with decision superiority.

One Sensor, Many Missions

The µSAS payload is a low-SWAP (size, weight and power), high performance synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) that has been integrated onto a variety of platforms including the HII Unmanned Systems REMUS 6000 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) pictured to the left.

μSAS Data Sheets

µSAS-MV Data Sheet

A Real-Time, Low-SWAP, IA/AT-Enabled, Interferometric Synthetic Aperture SONAR Payload Delivering High-Resolution 2D SAS and 3D Bathymetric Imagery

µSAS-SV24 Data Sheet

A low-SWAP, information assurance / anti-tamper enabled, high-performance, interferometric Synthetic Aperture SONAR for the man-portable class UUV

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