Introducing the new Northrop Grumman logo.

Here at Northrop Grumman we’re used to change. Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving, we’re constantly adding exciting new capabilities, and our employees never stop finding new ways to solve the world’s toughest challenges. Around here, change is good.

We’re excited to share our new brand with you. It was designed with the people of Northrop Grumman in mind. The people who push the boundaries of what’s known and who Define Possible every day. It reflects the pioneering spirit of our employees – a spirit that pushes us onward and upward in pursuit of what matters most.


The Anatomy of a Logo

We call it the Northrop Grumman Forward MarkForward Mark, and it is symbolic of our determination to continuously lead the way. Inspired in part by the periodic table of elements, it gives a nod to the science that is fundamental to everything we do. It also represents our place at the forefront of technology and innovation, working at the edge of what is, always pushing to what could be.

A logo is just one small part of what makes a brand, but we hope ours inspires you as much as it inspires us to keep on Defining Possible.



Defining Possible

Every day, at Northrop Grumman locations around the world we are questioning, problem solving, designing and building in pursuit of our passion to re-define the realm of possibility.

Defining Possible is both a shared purpose for our employees and a promise to our customers that we’ll rise to any challenge.

See for yourself how we’re Defining Possible.



Northrop Grumman Logo Heritage

Northrop Grumman Logo HeritageOur previous logo was introduced in 1994, and the world has experienced tremendous change since then – in technology, in employee and customer expectations, and in how consumers obtain information. It was our moment to assess Northrop Grumman’s brand identity against this evolution and redefine how we go to market today and in the future.  The legacy companies that have come together to form the Northrop Grumman of today are many. Read more >




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