Common Frequency Source

High Performance, Manufacturable Fixed Frequency Sources

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The Common Frequency Source (CFS) products provide fixed single and dual clock references for RF and digital payloads. It covers frequency ranges from 1.9 – 13.5 GHz.

Our Fixed Frequency line features a highly common design and automated engineering asset generation using Feature-based Product Line Engineering for rapid development of high stability, high-precision, customized products at lower cost that meet individual customer needs.

Common Frequency Source (CFS) Datasheet

CFS Product Line Features

  • Tailorable Printed Wiring Board (PWB) based on output frequency
  • High reuse for reduced Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) cost
  • Interfaces to variant-specific components (RF structures, oscillators)
  • Automated common test set to validate design performance

Optional Configurations

  • Dual (switched) output frequencies (within 600 ppm)
  • Buffered output for internal OCXO clock
  • Coherent frequency generation from external reference source
  • Common Power Converter (unit assembly only)


Frequency Sources are optimized for space and air communications and ISR systems such as:

  • Wideband Communication Links
  • Low Probability of Intercept (LPI), Low Probability of Detection (LPD)
  • Airborne ISR
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Resilient Systems
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Core Product Family

CFS Slice Assembly

  • Configurable with up to four independent or one to two redundant frequency sources to support external/internal reference, switchable frequency, and OCXO buffered output for frequency, redundancy, reference source, etc.
  • Custom designs supported with additional lead time and funding
  • Single output frequency for embedded applications

CFS Unit Assembly

  • Configurable with multiple CFS slice assemblies
  • Optional Common Power Converter and switching slice which accepts a single bus voltage
  • Custom designs support frequency multipliers for larger output frequency range

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