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James Webb's first image. An of image of galaxy cluster SMACS 0723

Northrop Grumman's Innovation in Space

Common Frequency Source

Common Frequency Source

The James Webb Space Telescope sun shield

The Backplane of NASA’s Webb Telescope Offers a Strong, Steady Hand

A missile launches into the air

Strengthening Missile Defense through Suborbital Target Vehicles

The Antares rocket launches in the sky

Rocket Design Team Helps Launch New Space Opportunities

View of Mars from space

Water on Mars

The APH667 and the APH668 are GaAs-based broadband, three-stage amplifier devices that operate from 81 – 86GHz and 71 – 76GHz respectively.

How the MIMIC Program Catalyzed Northrop Grumman Leadership in Space

A Northrop Grumman satellite in space in front of the moon

Virtual Reality Brings Engineers to the Moon

a man in a maroon lab coat looks into a telescope

Foiling Failure: the Value of Forensic Science in Aerospace Engineering

a group of people wearing HoloLens VR headsets stand around a digital image

Revolutionizing Military Operations with Augmented Reality

The Habitat and Logistics Outpost a white woman in a blue blouse works on a radio in a lab an image of a satellite in space a solid rocket booster being loaded on a trailer

Beyond the Boneyard: STEM Education and More

satellite recharging in space a large machine on wheels covered in foil

Preparing to Launch Landsat 9

a group of five people wearing black body suits with motion tracking infrared sensors

Immersive Digital Experiences Help Solve Engineering Challenges

a white man stands in front of a computerized image

Digital Engineering Adopts 3D Virtual Reality Tools

soldier working on computers tracking hypersonic missiles

Hitting a Bullet with a Bullet

Missile intercept another Missile

Engineering a Future Safe from Hypersonic Threats

carbon nanotube

Surviving Space

rocket booster on the ground laying horizontally

High Performance Computing

engineers working on space craft

In a League of Its Own


The Coolest Technology: Cryocoolers

Three workers dressing spacecraft

Cosmic Outfitters


DAWN Spacecraft

rocket engine test in desert

Propelling Space and Defense Missions

man in bunnysuit working on JWST sunshield

Engineering Marvel

The GEM 63XL motor ignites in its first static test firing.

Clearing the Smoke on Data Reduction

Asian man works on large part of space telescope

The Innovation Technology Paradox

satellite above earth

A New Space Paradigm Calls for Purpose-Built Spacecraft

A satellite orbiting the Earth in Space in dark sky

Ingenious Device Solves Aerospace Engineering Problems in a Pinch

rocket on launch pad

Keeping Astronauts Safe with NASAs Orion Spacecraft Launch Abort System

futuristic spacecraft above the moon

Spacecraft Design: The Art and Science of Breaking Barriers

missile launch through clouds

Rising to the Occasion: Northrop Grumman and the GBSD Program

Mars rover

Navigating Mars and Beyond with LN-200 Inertial Measurement Units

space telescope with purple skies and galaxies

Navigating the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

man in front of very large blue gear

How Do You Test Hypersonics System?