Northrop Grumman solves the toughest problems in space.

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Defining Possible in Space

Right now, Northrop Grumman is pioneering across every sector of space, helping government, civil and commercial customers tackle some of their biggest challenges. Our forward-leaning, pioneering spirit is backed by a legacy of expertise that began at the dawn of the space age.

Our mission expertise in space runs deep, we know our customers well, and our capabilities are unmatched. This is what allows us to provide reliable, agile, and affordable space solutions to solve our customers’ toughest problems.

From defending freedom to advancing human discovery, we are defining what is possible in space every day.

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Global Security

Northrop Grumman’s deep mission expertise gives us a unique perspective to know what it takes to protect the warfighter and preserve freedom, both in space and from space. Our leading-edge technologies and agile practices lead to pioneering breakthroughs that enable our customers to carry out their vital missions to preserve freedom on the ground and in orbit.

All of this is made possible by the industry’s best team. We know the roles we play are integral to our nation’s security and we are committed to solving our customers’ toughest problems, now and for decades to come.

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Our depth and breadth of mission experience in developing leading-edge space technologies allows us to play vital roles in the quest to answer compelling questions about the origins of our universe, to explore beyond our own planet, and pioneer new technologies.

Our team is passionate about space exploration, science and technology. We have been part of space exploration from the very beginning and we continue to lean forward in defining infinite possibilities for our customers to solve their toughest problems as we build the future of space.

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Grumman Lunar Module Apollo Program

Our Legacy in Space

Building the future of space takes a deep understanding of where we came from. From the dawn of the space age, the companies that are a part of Northrop Grumman have achieved historic accomplishments. The company was instrumental in the development of the nation’s first missile and satellite programs, the achievements of the Apollo moon landings, the development of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, and many ground-breaking space science missions. We made history in space.

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Digital Transformation

Northrop Grumman is harnessing integrated digital technologies to rapidly conceptualize, design, build, and sustain value-driven solutions in Space.

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Careers in Space

Space careers in greater Phoenix, AZ

Space careers in greater Los Angeles, CA

Space careers in Colorado

Space careers in greater Baltimore, MD

Space careers in Northern Virginia

Space careers in Utah

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The James Webb Space Telescope sun shield

The Backplane of NASA’s Webb Telescope Offers a Strong, Steady Hand

A missile launches into the air

Strengthening Missile Defense through Suborbital Target Vehicles

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More Space

What does Northrop Grumman do in Space?

Since the dawn of the space age, Northrop Grumman has put innovative products and ideas into orbit, on the Moon, and beyond – from systems engineering, spacecraft manufacturing, precision sensors, space instrument design, ground stations development, orbiting space platforms and revolutionary launch vehicles.

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Global Security

space craft in space

Launch Vehicles and Propulsion Systems

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Human Spaceflight and Logistics

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Commercial Satellites

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Earth and Space Science

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Space Components and Payloads

Technology and Innovation

For some, the word ‘impossible’ ends discussions. For us, it’s a starting point.

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