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  • Northrop Grumman is recognized across the universe as a leader in space technology. We’ve been Defining Possible above the atmosphere for over 60 years and we’re still leading the way today.
  • We provide end-to-end space capabilities for a broad range of customers. We’re building the next great space observatory, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, which will unlock mysteries of the universe. We continue our legacy of supporting vital military space programs with survivable, rapidly configurable systems, advanced threat detection and secure communications to win the future of space.

Science and Space Exploration

Northrop Grumman plays a vital role in human space exploration and space science programs. We are supporting NASA on programs like the James Webb Space Telescope, Chandra Space Telescope and the Dawn asteroid explorer, all of which are helping to define what's possible and answer compelling questions about the origins of our universe and our place in it.

Our contributions to NASA’s Artemis program to return humans to the Moon and on to Mars are helping us learn how humans can become a spacefaring species.

And programs like the LANDSAT, ICESat-2 and JPSS are observing our planet from space to help understand how we can make the Earth a better place.


Our Legacy in Space

The companies that are part of today's Northrop Grumman achieved historic accomplishments from the dawn of our nation’s ventures into space to become an established leader and trusted partner in national security, commercial and civil space.

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What does Northrop Grumman do in space?

Since the dawn of the space age, Northrop Grumman has put innovative products and ideas into orbit, on the Moon, and beyond – from systems engineering, spacecraft manufacturing, precision sensors, space instrument design, ground stations development, orbiting space platforms and revolutionary launch vehicles. Northrop Grumman makes the impossible in space possible, every day.

Space Exploration Videos

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