OmegA Rideshare Opportunities

OmegA’s first and second missions in 2021 have supplemental launch capacity. Rideshare partners can take advantage of this capacity to launch their own satellites. Contact us for more information.

OmegA Launching from pad

OmegA provides multiple rideshare-compatible mounting locations and provisions. These include accommodations for CubeSat-class dispensers, larger dispensers (e.g. for 12U or microsats) and ESPA rings (Standard and Grande).  Larger spacecraft, up to ~4 m diameter, can be housed inside a flight-proven Dual Payload Adapter.

When Northrop Grumman identifies vehicle performance margin for a given OmegA mission, the company determines whether and how much margin is available for secondary payloads and associated hardware. The OmegA team then coordinates with potential customers to identify mission-compatible spacecraft.

For rideshare partners, Northrop Grumman performs all tasks required to integrate the secondary spacecraft into the mission, including scheduling, performing compatibility analyses, designing any mission-unique hardware/software, conducting development testing, and qualifying the spacecraft for launch.


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