Space Media Day

Friday, March 10, 2023

We solve the toughest problems in space.

Northrop Grumman is a pioneering company. We design, develop, build and support some of the world’s most advanced products, from cutting-edge aircraft and next-generation spacecraft to unrivaled cyber security systems and all-seeing radars.

Space Systems is defining possible in space through end-to-end capabilities that protect our nation and allies, and advance human discovery.


ESPAStar – Delivering Multiple Payloads to Orbit, Affordably


SpaceLogistics Mission Robotic Vehicle (MRV) with Mission Extension Pod (MEP)

Artist rendering of SpaceLogistics' Mission Robotic Vehicle (MRV) deploying Mission Extension Pod (MEP)

SpaceLogistics Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV)

Artist rendering of SpaceLogistics' Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV) in orbit.

SpaceLogistics Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-2) in factory

The Mission Extension Vehicle-2 inside Northrop Grumman's Satellite Manufacturing Facility in Dulles, VA

SpaceLogistics Mission Extension Pod (MEP)

An artist's rendering of a Mission Extension Pod attached to a client satellite.

Intelsat-901 satellite from MEV-1 on orbit

View of IS-901 satellite from MEV-1’s “far hold” position during approach from approximately 80 meters with Earth in the background.

Northrop Grumman Commercial Space Station Phase 2

Northrop Grumman SES-18 Satellite (vertical)

Northrop Grumman SES-18 Satellite (horizontal)

Northrop Grumman Dulles (VA) Mission Operations Center

Northrop Grumman Dulles (VA) Campus

redendering of satellites in orbit

HTBSS Kill Chain

HBTSS satellites will provide continuous tracking and handoff to enable targeting of enemy missiles launched from land, sea or air.

Next Gen OPIR Polar (NGP)

Next Gen OPIR Polar (NGP)

NGP will assure continuous coverage of the northern hemisphere protect against incoming threats.

News Content

Artemis I taking off from launch pad

Northrop Grumman Boosts Successful Artemis I Launch with World’s Largest and Most Powerful Rocket Boosters

rendering of satellite above earth

Northrop Grumman-built Satellite to Support US Space Force National Security Mission

Artemis rocket on launchpad at sunset

Making History in Space

rendering of satellites in space

Northrop Grumman to Develop Satellites with Infrared Sensors for the Space Development Agency’s Tranche 1 Tracking Layer

missile streaking across night sky

Missile Defense Agency Selects Northrop Grumman to Lead Homeland Missile Defense Program

missile intercept

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities Powering the Development of the Next Generation Interceptor

Programs and Capabilities

Space Launch System rocket, with twin Northrop Grumman solid rocket boosters, awaits the first Artemis program launch

Artemis Program

satillites in deep space


A satellite in orbit in space above earth

Commercial Communications Satellites

Missile launching

Next Generation Interceptor

Next Gen OPIR Polar (NGP)

LGM-35A Sentinel taking off

Sentinel – The Ground Based Strategic Deterrent

3 people in a dark high-tech labratory

Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2)

Earth Sunrise on Global Security Space - Northrop Grumman

Global Space Security

Commercial Space Station

rendering of JWST in space

James Webb Space Telescope

missile streaking across night sky

Missile Defense

Notional representation of the Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor Satellite in space

Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor Satellites



spacecraft above earth

Eagle-3 Spacecraft 

Propulsion System test

Propulsion Systems

TESS Satellite at Dulles Satellite Manufacturing facility

Science and Environment Satellites

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

a white man in a suit smiles at the camera

Tom Wilson

Corporate Vice President and President, Space Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation

white female headshot

Sarah Schellpfeffer

Chief Technology Officer, Space Systems   

white male headshot

Scott Stapp

Vice President, Capability and All-Domain Integration, Space Systems  

male headshot

Cyrus Dhalla

Vice President and General Manager, Tactical Space Systems 

Media Inquiries

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