UK MilSatCom


Northrop Grumman, with mission expertise dating back to the dawn of the space age, giving us a unique perspective on MilSatCom in the UK to protect the warfighter and preserve freedom. […]

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Woman wearing mask working on a computer

We are 95,000 people – with careers across all areas: air, cyber, land, sea and space. We work as one to defend and define the future through science, technology and engineering. […]

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Meet Bethany: An Engineer Working to Ensure Perfect Balance

Aircraft visible through trees

Bethany is a passionate Structures and Mechanical Systems Engineer and Weight & Balance Engineer on the KC-30A Program. Read more about her daily work life. What does your position involve? A critical part of my role is continuing airworthiness for my team. This means monitoring long term and ongoing projects that will keep our aircraft […]

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The Height of Her Career

woman on gym climbing wall

By Stephanie Flyger If there’s one thing true about Claire, it’s that she can’t be contained: not by a stereotype and not by a desk. Fortunately, as a Northrop Grumman field engineer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, she doesn’t have to be — her job takes her around the world and is essentially one she’s been […]

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Women in STEM

woman working on 3D printer

Meet the women at Northrop Grumman who are using their expertise and experience in STEM related fields to define possible every day. […]

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An Engineer’s Journey: From BEYA to a Career at Northrop Grumman

Hands operating measuring tools in a manufacturing environment.

Meet Travene Grant, a tool engineer, working as a metrologist. Travene works at Northrop Grumman in St. Augustine, Florida where he uses metrology, the science of measurement, to assist with building aircraft. What was your journey to Northrop Grumman like? I honestly didn’t know much about Northrop Grumman before working here. I thought my passion […]

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From Perseverance to Providing Scholarships

female standing in front of building

By Taylor Alexander, as told to Emily Gabaldon It wasn’t an easy feat studying aerospace engineering while recovering from jaw surgery. I was born with a birth defect that resulted in a severe craniofacial deformity and I have overcome several surgeries and iterations of braces throughout my life. Just two weeks prior to starting my […]

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Liz’s Story: How an Army Analyst transitioned to a Business Development Manager


Following a successful career in the US Army as an enlisted Intel Analyst and Linguist, Liz moved back to Arkansas where she started working on her bachelor’s degree thanks to the GI Bill. Shortly after that, Liz moved to Florida, where she saw a Northrop Grumman advertisement in the newspaper for a cleared administrative assistant. […]

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Written in the Stars

two people posed for photograph

Couple Celebrates Their Projects Colliding as Northrop Grumman Helps NASA Retrieve Spacecraft After Splashdown By Michelle A. Monroe Two aerospace engineers fall in love, get married and spend years in each other’s professional orbits before they finally collide. It’s a story practically written in the stars. Debra and Joe, who work for Northrop Grumman and […]

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A Three-Dimensional Career

three head profile photo collage

The first time Jasmine saw a 3D-printed airplane part, she felt like she was starting an adventure. “I was making fuel doors and they were kind of this odd, oblong shape, and they 3D printed a bunch of prototypes for a check fit,” she recalled. “They arrived in these huge, wooden crates like something out […]

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Life on a Moon Base

Employee Krystal wears a coat with hood over her head while standing amidst the snowy Alaska terrain with snow-covered mountains in the background.

In July 2022 — sponsored by Northrop Grumman and as part of earning her master’s degree in human spaceflight from the University of North Dakota — Krystal volunteered to teach a three-week course on lunar base architecture and space human factors for the Juneau Icefield Research Program. […]

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Meet Orlyse: A Systems Engineer Defining Possible

Young Black woman smiles outside

Tell us about your path to Northrop Grumman. How did you get hired here? A few of my classmates from undergrad at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) were Northrop Grumman interns. At the time, I did not know much about the company, so during the 2019 National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) conference, […]

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Meet Arlanda: Defining Possible Through Designing, Testing, and Analyzing

Can you tell us about how you found your way to Northrop Grumman? During my undergraduate career at Grambling State University, I attended various conferences such as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA). My senior year of college, I was awarded the Black Engineer of the […]

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Sarah Corbet, Systems Engineer describes her journey since joining as an Intern

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Tell us about you/your background. I was born in Canada, then moved to Australia when I was five. I always had an aptitude for science and maths, eventually studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Queensland, graduating in 2020. During that time I was able to pursue my passion for space engineering. Describe […]

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Lachlan Daley, Graduate Systems Engineer loves the impact he has so early in his career

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Tell us about your background. I started like a lot of others in the Defence industry, with a passionate interest in aerospace and an obsession with space. Born and raised in Queensland with dreams of working for NASA inevitably led me to completing my bachelor degree in Electrical and Aerospace Engineering at Queensland University of […]

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