Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Northrop Grumman UK

Powering a Diverse Workforce

We believe that creating a team and a workplace that values diversity and fosters inclusion is pivotal to promoting innovation and increasing productivity and profitability. Our goal is to continually support and nurture the large number of Northrop Grumman employees whose backgrounds, characteristics and perspectives are as diverse at the global communities in which we reside.

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Women in Defence

We have been a supporter of the Women in Defence organisation since its founding in 2017. Women in Defence works to enhance the individual and collective impact of women who work in defence of the UK.

As founding signatories to the Women in Defence charter, we are committed to enabling 30% female representation at all levels of the defence industry by 2030. Katharine Sealy, Managing Director of our National Security Solutions business unit, serves as the industry co-chair of Women in Defence.

We are also proud sponsors of the annual Women In Defence Awards, which celebrate the work being done by, and in support of, women across our industry.

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Positive Progress

“Having worked in Defence for nearly all of my career, I have seen a lot of positive progress in improving female representation across our industry.

"I am honoured to service as Industry Co-Chair for Women In Defence, and am excited to help them drive change and highlight the value that can be delivered by increasing diversity in our workforce. Achieving 30% female representation by 2030 is an ambitious goal but one I am confident we can both meet and exceed with the right focus and support.”

Katharine Sealy
Managing Director, National Security Solutions, NGUK
Women in Defence Industry Co-Chair

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Empowering Black Female Coders with Niyo

Black CodHer is the result of NGUK’s collaboration with Niyo Network, a charitable initiative aimed at engaging, encouraging and recruiting more black women to take up rewarding new tech-focused careers.

Over the past four year’s, Northrop Grumman and Black CodHer have worked on a range of initiatives including hackathons, career skill webinars and mentorship programmes.

A number of Black CodHer graduates have joined Northrop Grumman as software engineers, and have since contributed to Black Codher events:

“My journey into tech at NG was shaped by Niyo’s Black Codher Bootcamp. The programme not only enhanced my technical skills but also provided invaluable support and mentorships. NG has been a beacon of support since I joined and I wanted to reassure the current cohort about the company’s commitment to newcomers in tech.

“Participating in the webinar was a proud moment early in my career, representing NG to a community that holds significance for me, and also listening to wisdom from Tavia about her journey. It meant reflecting on my progress, acknowledging the challenges like imposter syndrome, and emphasising the importance of pushing through fear to strive for success. Despite being at the beginning of my software engineering career, I believe in sharing experiences, both the highs and lows, to support others navigating similar paths.”
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AWS re/Start

As global partners of Amazon Web Services, Northrop Grumman participates in the AWS re/Start programme, designed to find and recruit talented tech superstars with boundless potential.

The AWS re/Start programme is a 12-week full-time training boot camp which helps people launch careers in the cloud. As a cohort-based development programme, it is free to join and supports unemployed or underemployed individuals by connecting them with potential employers.

Learners build AWS Cloud skills, along with knowledge building of Linux, Python, networking, security, database, automation, and core as well as soft skills. The programme is delivered through scenario-based exercises and instructor-led sessions.

“I was exploring my options on how to make a move into a role working in tech. AWS re/Start teaches you tech fundamentals such as networking, security and python, which is a good foundation for more advanced Cloud concepts and starting a career.” – Luke, Cloud Engineer at NGUK and re/Start Alumnus

AWS re/Start is an amazing way to immerse yourself in the Cloud, day in and day out. AWS re/Start offers valuable training and skills development in Cloud computing which also prepares individuals for entry-level cloud careers. You can gain in-demand knowledge, increasing your employability in the tech industry. I have recommended it to others already!
Cloud Engineer at NGUK and re/Start Alumnus

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are key to our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). We have five Employee Resource Groups in the UK, which are volunteer groups, led by our employees, each with a sponsor from our executive leadership team. Globally, thousands of our employees are engaged with 13 different ERGs across Northrop Grumman. Each group is open to all employees and every ERG is inclusive of all employees.


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GreeNG is committed to the environment. Enabling personal growth in relation to the environment by gaining and sharing knowledge and solving problems.

NGND provides knowledge & understanding of Neurodiversity, supporting colleagues, and their families, to achieve their potential.

REACH helps cement Northrop Grumman’s reputation as truly diverse, fostering and supporting an inclusive environment that recognises and progresses talent.

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NGWIN is committed to creating a diverse workforce and is a forum for networking, development and recruitment which supports women at all stages in their careers.

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PrIDA strives to make a difference in the quality of life at work for our LGBTQ+ colleagues & their allies, fostering an inclusive environment for all.

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